If you’re exploring tools and communities to enhance your trading skills, you might have come across Profitly.

This platform claims to offer a combination of educational resources, performance tracking, and a community of traders sharing their journeys.

But is it worth your time and money?

In this review, we’ll dive deep into what Profitly offers, its strengths, weaknesses, and whether it can truly help you become a better trader.

What is Profitly?

Profitly is an online platform designed for traders of all levels.

It was founded by Timothy Sykes, a well-known penny stock trader, with the goal of creating a transparent and educational environment for traders.

The platform allows users to track their trades, learn from professional traders, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Key Features of Profitly

  1. Trade Verification and Tracking:
    • Verification: Profitly’s standout feature is its trade verification system. Users can upload their trades directly from their brokerage accounts, which are then verified for accuracy. This transparency ensures that the performance stats you see are legitimate.
    • Tracking: The platform allows traders to track their performance over time, providing detailed analytics and insights into trading habits, win/loss ratios, and profitability.
  2. Educational Resources:
    • Video Lessons: Profitly offers an extensive library of video lessons covering various trading strategies, market analysis, and tips from seasoned traders.
    • Webinars: Regular webinars hosted by successful traders provide real-time learning opportunities and the chance to ask questions.
  3. Community and Social Interaction:
    • Profiles and Leaderboards: Users can create detailed profiles showcasing their trading performance. Leaderboards rank traders based on their profitability, fostering a competitive and motivational environment.
    • Forums and Groups: The platform features forums and groups where traders can discuss strategies, share insights, and support each other.
  4. Guru Subscriptions:
    • Users can subscribe to “gurus” – professional traders who share their trades and strategies in real-time. This can be particularly valuable for learning and mimicking successful trading techniques.

Strengths of Profitly

  1. Transparency and Accountability: The trade verification feature sets Profitly apart from many other trading communities. Knowing that the performance stats are verified adds credibility and trust to the platform.
  2. Educational Value: With its vast library of educational content, Profitly caters to both beginners and experienced traders. The video lessons and webinars are particularly useful for those looking to expand their trading knowledge.
  3. Community Support: The interactive community provides a supportive environment for traders. Whether you’re looking for advice, feedback, or just motivation, the community aspect of Profitly is highly beneficial.

Weaknesses of Profitly

  1. Cost: Profitly is not free. While there are different subscription levels, the costs can add up, especially if you opt for guru subscriptions. Some users may find the price point a bit steep compared to other trading resources available online.
  2. Overwhelming for Beginners: The sheer amount of information and the competitive nature of the leaderboards might be overwhelming for absolute beginners. It might take some time to get accustomed to the platform and make the most out of its features.
  3. Mixed Reviews on Gurus: While many users find value in following the trades of professional gurus, others have reported mixed results. Success in trading is never guaranteed, and it’s important to use these insights as part of a broader strategy rather than relying solely on them.

Is Profitly Right for You?

Profitly can be a valuable tool for traders who are serious about improving their skills and are willing to invest in their education.

The platform’s transparency, educational resources, and community support offer a comprehensive package for anyone looking to track their performance and learn from experienced traders.

However, it’s essential to weigh the costs and consider whether the platform aligns with your trading goals and learning style.

If you’re a self-motivated learner who benefits from a structured and interactive environment, Profitly could be a great fit.

Conversely, if you prefer free resources or are just dabbling in trading, you might want to explore other options before committing to a subscription.

How Does Profitly Work?

Profitly operates as a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the trading skills and transparency of its users.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how Profitly works:

1. Account Setup and Subscription

Registration: Users start by creating an account on Profitly. The platform offers various subscription plans, including free and paid options, depending on the level of access and features desired.

Subscription Plans:

  • Free Plan: Basic access to community features and some educational resources.
  • Paid Plans: Offer advanced features such as full access to educational content, trade verification, and the ability to follow professional traders (gurus).

2. Trade Verification and Tracking

Uploading Trades: Users can manually input their trades or link their brokerage accounts to automatically upload their trading data.

Verification: Profitly verifies the trades to ensure their accuracy. This adds a layer of transparency and credibility to the performance statistics shared on the platform.

Analytics: Users receive detailed analytics and performance metrics, including profit/loss ratios, win rates, and more. This helps traders understand their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Educational Resources

Video Lessons: The platform hosts a vast library of video lessons on various trading topics, including strategies, market analysis, and risk management.

Webinars: Regular live webinars by experienced traders cover real-time market insights and allow for interactive Q&A sessions.

4. Community and Social Features

Profiles: Users create profiles that showcase their trading history, performance metrics, and strategies.

Leaderboards: Profitly features leaderboards ranking traders based on their verified performance. This fosters a competitive environment and motivates traders to improve.

Forums and Groups: Users can participate in forums and join groups to discuss trading strategies, share insights, and seek advice from other traders.

5. Guru Subscriptions

Following Gurus: Users can subscribe to follow professional traders, known as gurus, on the platform. These gurus share their trades and strategies in real-time.

Learning from Experts: Following gurus can provide valuable insights into successful trading techniques and strategies, helping users learn by example.

6. Additional Features

Alerts and Notifications: Users can set up alerts for specific trading activities or follow their favorite traders’ activities.

Performance Reports: Detailed performance reports are available to track progress over time and identify areas for improvement.

How Does Timothy Sykes Make Money?

Timothy Sykes generates income through several diversified streams including Profitly, leveraging his expertise and reputation in the trading world.

Here are the primary ways he makes money:

1. Trading

Stock Trading: Sykes initially made his fortune by trading penny stocks, turning his bar mitzvah gift money into millions. He continues to trade and generate income through his trading activities.

2. Educational Services

Trading Courses: Sykes offers a variety of trading courses that teach his strategies and methodologies. These courses range from beginner to advanced levels and cover different aspects of trading.

Video Lessons: He provides a vast library of video lessons, which are often part of his subscription services on Profitly and his personal website.

Webinars: Sykes hosts live and recorded webinars where he shares his trading insights, market analysis, and strategies. These webinars are often available to subscribers and course purchasers.

3. Subscription Services

Profitly: As the founder of Profitly, Sykes earns revenue from the platform’s subscription fees. Profitly offers various subscription levels, including access to trade tracking, educational content, and the ability to follow “gurus.”

Tim Alerts: Sykes offers a subscription service called Tim Alerts, where subscribers receive real-time alerts on his trades and market analysis. This service is aimed at those looking to mirror his trading moves.

Pennystocking Silver: Another subscription service that provides access to a more extensive library of video lessons, trade alerts, and webinars.

4. Mentorship Programs

Millionaire Challenge: Sykes runs an intensive mentorship program called the Millionaire Challenge, where he personally mentors students aiming to become successful traders. This program includes exclusive educational content, live trading sessions, and one-on-one mentoring.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Brokerage Partnerships: Sykes partners with various brokerage firms, earning commissions for referring new customers to these platforms.

Product Recommendations: He also earns affiliate commissions by promoting trading-related products and services on his website and social media channels.

6. Books and Publications

Books: Sykes has authored books on trading, including “An American Hedge Fund,” which chronicles his trading journey and strategies. Sales from his books contribute to his income.

7. Social Media and Content Monetization

YouTube: Sykes runs a popular YouTube channel where he shares trading tips, market insights, and lifestyle content. He earns revenue through ad monetization and sponsored content.

Social Media: He leverages his large following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter for sponsored posts and partnerships with brands.

8. Public Speaking and Events

Speaking Engagements: Sykes is often invited to speak at trading conferences, seminars, and events. These speaking engagements provide additional income and help promote his brand and services.

Is Profitly A Legit Service From Timothy Sykes?

Timothy Sykes has built a multifaceted business model that leverages his trading expertise, educational content, and personal brand.

By diversifying his income streams across trading, educational services like Profitly, subscriptions, mentorship programs, affiliate marketing, publications, and content monetization, he has established a robust and sustainable financial ecosystem.

What is the cost of Profitly?

Working with Timothy Sykes and the price of Profitly can vary significantly depending on the type of service or product you choose.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs associated with his various offerings:

1. Educational Courses and Subscriptions

Tim Alerts

  • Cost: Approximately $74.95 per month.
  • Features: This service includes real-time trade alerts, daily stock watchlists, and access to a chat room.

Pennystocking Silver

  • Cost: Around $149.95 per month.
  • Features: This subscription offers access to Sykes’ complete library of video lessons, daily stock watchlists, real-time trade alerts, and weekly video lessons.

Tim Challenge

  • Cost: This is the most intensive and expensive program, with prices generally quoted around $5,000 to $6,000 for the initial fee. Ongoing mentorship might involve additional costs.
  • Features: Includes access to all of Sykes’ educational content, live trading sessions, webinars, and personalized mentorship.

2. Profitly Subscription Plans

Profitly Basic

  • Cost: $29.95 per month.
  • Features: Provides access to basic trade tracking and performance statistics.

Profitly Plus

  • Cost: $49.95 per month.
  • Features: Includes advanced trade tracking, video lessons, and access to the community features.

Profitly Pro

  • Cost: $74.95 per month.
  • Features: Offers all features of Profitly Plus along with real-time trade alerts and SMS notifications.

3. DVD Courses

Timothy Sykes also sells DVD courses that cover various trading strategies. Prices for these DVDs can range from $200 to over $1,000 depending on the content and comprehensiveness of the course.

4. Books

“An American Hedge Fund”

  • Cost: The price of his book, available in print and e-book formats, typically ranges from $10 to $30.

5. Webinars and Workshops

Sykes often conducts webinars and workshops, sometimes included in the subscription packages or priced separately. These can range from $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on the content and duration.

6. Millionaire Challenge Program

Cost: This elite program is the most costly, often priced around $5,000 to $6,000 for the initial application fee, with additional costs for ongoing mentorship and access.


The costs associated with working with Timothy Sykes can vary widely based on the level of access and type of educational service you’re interested in. Basic monthly subscriptions start at around $30, while more comprehensive mentorship programs can run into the thousands of dollars. It’s important to carefully consider your trading goals, budget, and the level of support you need before committing to any of his offerings.


Profitly offers a unique blend of transparency, education, and social interaction that sets it apart from many other platforms.

By leveraging its features, you can gain valuable insights, learn from successful traders, and ultimately improve your trading performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, Profitly provides the tools and community to help you navigate the complexities of the trading world.

Just remember to approach trading with the right mindset – be patient, stay informed, and always be prepared to adapt and learn.

Profitly FAQ

Who Owns Profitly?

Profitly was founded by Timothy Sykes, a well-known penny stock trader and entrepreneur.

Timothy Sykes is recognized for his transparency in trading and for promoting education in the trading community.

He created Profitly with the goal of providing a platform where traders can learn, share their trades, and track their performance in a transparent and accountable manner.

How Do I Cancel My Tim Sykes Subscription?

To cancel your Timothy Sykes subscription:

Log in to your account on the website where you subscribed (e.g., Timothy Sykes’ official site), go to account settings or subscription management, find your active subscriptions, cancel the subscription, and confirm the cancellation.

For Profitly subscriptions:

Log in to your Profitly account, navigate to subscription management, find your active subscriptions, cancel the subscription, and confirm the cancellation.

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