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Listed Stocks:

AMRS – bankruptcy ticker with classic bounce days, failed to do the 2pm spike I was looking for on friday so still waiting for followup morning spike/breakout

GRPN – so many earnings spikers/winners right now, this did a nice first green day, watching for more upside and breakout

AVDL – also didn’t have a followup spike in the afternoon on friday, 15.30 breakout level watch

EVLV – basically same as GRPN with nice earnings spike

WE – had a nice supernova move on thursday after some news but also tanked into close, watching for followup move above 0.33

OTC Stocks:

BDPT – 0.0034 breakout watch, still waiting for Q10 news next week to see which direction it will go

Other than that not much OTC action as usual this year 🙁

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