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Listed Stocks:

AAOI – very nice supernova pattern on the daily

BTDR – looking for supernova short entry

TMC – also looking for short entry but waiting for more upside

CRDL – another short watch

ABCM – next short watch, little higher priced

MARA – still waiting for Bitcoin’s next move, very nice consolidation here

KRNT – only up in the last weeks, watching for possible short

EYPT – still on watch for 5.73 breakdown short

INTR – watching for 3.47 breakout

PXLW – 1.90 breakout

AMAM – almost half a year ascending triangle on the daily, watching for next move

NNOX – if it can hold up looking for 22.62 follow up move

IONQ – getting choppy but watching for 11.65 breakout

CVNA – still waiting for final short squeeze/supernova

AI – same as CVNA

HYLN – 2.06 breakout level

OTC Stocks:

MONI – I like how this sketchy OTC still is alive and holding up, watching for breakout above 0.0265

CRLBF – watching for 2 bucks breakout

AIAD – nice pullback from the last 0.0166 top, watching for retest breakout

VRSSF – 2.77 breakout level

VPLM – 0.10 breakout retest

ABML – looking for 0.73 breakdown

NLST – let’s see and wait for 3.63 breakdown/panic

GEGI – nice to see some OTC supernova action again, 0.0045 retest watch

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