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Listed Stocks:

BTDR – #1 watch for morning panic short

APLD – also watching for breakdown of 7.90

EYPT – still waiting for the 5.73 breakdown

MARA – maybe can breakout finally with Bitcoin

ELTK – watching for more upside above 11

DDOG – nice descending triangle on the daily, breakdown more likely from here

OTC Stocks:

CORZQ – Nice to see this finally breakout of this multimonth consolidation, almost thought it would never happen lol… Waiting to see how high it can go, then watching for panic dip buys/shorting

BBBYQ – breakout level 0.357

OZSC – breakout level 0.00740

GSAC – let’s see if it can run more, breakout level 0.00170

CRLBF – waiting for the breakout above 1.95

Leave a comment if you have any other stocks/ideas 🙂

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