Listed Stocks:

NNOX – put in a nice base, looking for breakout above $22

FRZA – nice afterhours move on friday, on watch for more upside

GMDA – already attempted to breakout, looking for real $2.50 breakout

NOTE – watching for breakout $2.50+

AIP – potential short

SOFI – also looking for short entry

LOOK – super clean consolidation, either breakdown or breakout watch

CVNA – looks like it wants to go (bullish)

TSP – nice base, looking for next step up

MARA/RIOT – still waiting for the next breakout move together with Bitcoin

APLD – looks like the $10 breakout is next

PSTG – potential short

EYPT – watching for breakdown short

CRDO – also potential short watch

MVIS – still on watch to short, had a nice morning panic on tuesday 5/23 but now shorts are trapped, let’s see how high this can go

AMTX – also looking for potential short, but very careful since its holding up

OTC Stocks:

CLVSQ – clean consolidation, looking for breakout $0.04 and higher

CORZQ – consolidating since forever now, looking for breakout or breakdown

AIAD – already attempted the $0.01 breakout, looking for more upside

NWBO – nice consolidation, breakout $0.65+

TC2000 Chart, Daily Candles in picture above.

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